What They're Saying: Icelandic whale watching company North Sailing

“It must be hard to lose against the smallest nation that has ever taken part in a championship, but to look on the bright side, they just won 23 tickets to go whale watching in beautiful Husavik.”

-- Icelandic whale watching company North Sailing, offering the English national team free tickets to watch whales after its 2-1 loss to Iceland at Euro 2016. (Facebook)
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  1. Richard Brown, June 29, 2016 at 6 p.m.

    Every time a country plays well in a game. Some one says the U.S.should use their plan and we would do well. Plans for world conquest in football are a dime a dozen. Belgium has a plan, Portugal has a plan, every country has a plan. Even the US had a plan at one time. We were supposed to win the WC a few years ago :) these plans are pipe dreams.

    However Germany has a pretty good plan. They also have the players and the coaching to make it happen.

    There plan is SKILFUL players and a ton of practice with players who are used to playing with and against each other. Mostly Dortmond and Bayern Munich with other strikers from other teams and the best sweeper/keeper in the world. It was like playing with 12 players not 11. That a fantastic plan.

    The last time Italy won the WC forget the year. After watching Italy's first game I thought. These guys have so much Skill they will win the WC and as it turned out they did.

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