Making a List: Brazil's international titles

Brazil became the second country after France to win the four FIFA men's outdoor championships (World Cup, Olympics, Under-20 World Cup, Under-17 World Cup) plus their confederation championship when it captured the men's gold with a shootout win over Germany at the Rio Olympics. Brazil has never won more championships in any 20-year period than the 15 it's captured in 1997-2016.

Brazil's international titles:
1919 Copa America
1922 Copa America
1949 Copa America
1952 Panamerican Championship
1956 Panamerican Championship
1958 World Cup
1962 World Cup
1963 Pan-American Games
1970 World Cup
1975 Pan-American Games
1979 Pan-American Games
1983 Under-20 World Cup
1985 Under-20 World Cup
1987 Pan-American Games
1989 Copa America
1993 Under-20 World Cup
1994 World Cup
1997 Confederations Cup
1997 Copa America
1997 Under-17 World Cup
1999 Copa America
1999 Under-17 World Cup
2002 World Cup
2003 Under-20 World Cup
2003 Under-17 World Cup
2004 Copa America
2005 Confederations Cup
2007 Copa America
2009 Confederations Cup
2011 Under-20 World Cup
2013 Confederations Cup
2016 Olympics
Note: In bold is first championship.
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