Colin Powell Emails: 'I'll be cheering for Team USA!'

The hacked files from former Secretary of State Colin Powell's Gmail account included tons of barbs at and gossipy remarks about political figures, including both presidential candidates. Many of them were email exchanges with aides, including one about what to post about the USA-Belgium game at the 2014 World Cup.

Before the game, Powell's principal assistant Peggy Cifrino emailed Powell:

"Do you think we should put up a post this morning to cheer on the US Soccer team. Their match against Belgium is at 4 p.m. today. But Belgium is really good and they are HEAVILY favored so we're probably gonna get creamed.

"Something like


"Go Team USA."

"I'll be cheering for Teams USA this afternoon!"

Powell's response:

"Sure go ahead."

Cifrino posted this on Powell's Facebook page:

"I'll be cheering on Team USA this afternoon!"

The USA fell to Belgium in a game the Red Devils dominated, but it certainly wasn't creamed. The score: 2-1 in overtime.

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