Copa Libertadores expands

  • ESPN FC, Tuesday, October 4, 2016 1:08 AM
The Copa Libertadores, Latin America's most prestigious club competition, will expand from 38 to 44 teams and from 27 to 42 weeks in 2017. Brazil will get two more spots (for a total of seven), Argentina, Chile and Colombia get one extra spot each, and the winner of the Copa Sudamericana gains direct entry into the region's premier club competition. Lengthening the tournament has prompted Mexico to reconsider its participation.

"We must wait for the complete information, but I would just say that our duty is first to our league and our confederation [Concacaf]," Bonilla told ESPN Deportes last week. "If there is still space for us in Libertadores, we will participate. If not, we will have to set that aside."

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