Report: Heaps will be back with Revs in 2017

The New England Revolution have retained head coach Jay Heaps for a sixth season, despite its failure to make the MLS playoffs, the Boston Globe reported. The Revs, who were edged out by Philadelphia for the sixth spot in the Eastern Conference on goal difference, had made the playoffs in each of the last three seasons.

“We feel, collectively, we underachieved this year in a big way,” Revs general manager Michael Burns told the Globe's Frank Dell'apa. “It’s pretty disappointing when you have your goals and sights set and you underachieve. That’s the best way and strongest way I can say it -- we underachieved.”

In a season-ending interview, Revs stars Lee Nguyen agreed that the Revs underachieved.

"Obviously, again, now watching the teams in the playoffs," he said, "it hurts a little bit, because we feel like we should be there, but we didn’t do enough early on in the season to give us a chance. We left it a little bit too late, now we’re on the outside looking in.”

The Revs went 5-3-1 over their last nine games, but an even stronger finish by D.C. United pushed them below the red line. A run of 0-5-1 right after the MLS All-Star Game killed the New England's chances of contending.

“For me, this team I feel like is one of the best in all the years that I have played here," added Nguyen. "I feel like our attitude, our demands need to be higher. It can’t just be making the playoffs and being content with that. We have to have higher goals. Losing a game can’t be okay, we can’t go on streaks like that. Right now, obviously, the summers have been what has killed us, so we have got to focus on that."
2 comments about "Report: Heaps will be back with Revs in 2017".
  1. Nicholas Adams, October 28, 2016 at 8:10 a.m.

    Obviously a general lack of ambition again from the revolution owners.
    Digital Schmidt is available, a proven winner with huge experience, he would be a much better choice.
    In any other league Heaps would be gone as soon as the final whistle went!
    Why the lack of ambition and lack of spending on more quality players and STILL no Soccer only stadium? Two words - Brady's Salary!

  2. Paula Barrett, October 28, 2016 at 10:06 a.m.

    I question the selection of new players in the last couple of years along with the departure of Charlie Davies. When you listen to Charlie's comments about the difference in training between the two clubs, that also raises a red flag. The Revs has been unable to finish goals since Dempsey and Twellman left. I also feel like Kamara ruined the chemistry of this team and changed the way they played. I agree with you. I thought for sure Heaps would be gone but Kraft just uses the Revs for a tax deduction, it's all about the Patriots.

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