USA-Mexico: U.S. fan group stresses inclusivity

The No. 1 topic of conversation surrounding Friday's USA-Mexico game is Tuesday's election results. All the U.S. players have been asked how they watched the returns and what they thought. Both Jurgen Klinsmann and Juan Carlos Osorio were asked what would the impact be on the game. The conversation starter of all Mexican journalists is, "Did you vote for Trump?" The big question is, how will U.S. fans react.

“Football worldwide is a sport that connects people,” Klinsmann said. “It’s purely a sporting event. We have a lot of respect for Mexico and their people and their team. This is a wonderful side of sports that brings people together.”

Osorio, who came to the United States to study and got his start in soccer coaching here, said he can “sympathize with what the Mexicans feel about the whole situation. However and nevertheless, my efforts are all directed toward winning that game and nothing else.”

In a statement issued by the American Outlaws to its 8,000 members who will be at the game is to that the theme of the night will be "to stand in support for inclusivity and respect."

"Our organization has always prided itself on the passionate positivity that we’ve brought to our sections. Our actions, our chants, our members and their guests should focus on lifting up our team and its supporters rather than tearing down our opponents and their fans.

"As a massive 30,000+ organization we are certainly not without our flaws and our bad apples, but our group has always strived to learn, grow, and change so we can represent the best of our country: diversity, tolerance, and openness. We shall endeavor to be no different on Friday."

It noted that it will not stand for racism, sexism, nor homophobia,  discrimination or physical or verbal attacks and anyone violating the code of conduct will be subject to removal from the AO section and the stadium.
2 comments about "USA-Mexico: U.S. fan group stresses inclusivity".
  1. Gerald Murphy, November 11, 2016 at 9:10 a.m.

    And both teams will stand for both anthems.

  2. Bill Wilson replied, November 11, 2016 at 10:48 a.m.

    Ka Boom!

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