What They're Saying: Steven Gerrard

“Obviously you are aware of this time coming towards the end and the body starts talking to you, the pains and the aches get more regular. The way you feel out there on the pitch changes, over the last couple of years I've felt myself slowing down a little bit if you like. I basically can't deliver what I used to be able to deliver and that becomes a little bit frustrating as time goes on. And also I've listened to people over the years, important people in the game who I trust and have a lot of respect for, they said always go with a tiny bit left. Never overstay your welcome and play on too long where it becomes embarrassing. I can feel that's not too far away, so now is the right time.”

-- Steven Gerrard announcing his retirement at the age of 36 after 18 seasons with Liverpool and the LA Galaxy. (Liverpool Echo)
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