Video Pick: Cristiano Ronaldo's amazing nutmeg

Cristian Ronaldo beat defender Espanyol David Lopez by turning an elastico move -- feinting swiftly to his right -- into a nutmeg. The amazing maneuver can in a 2-0 win that keeps Real Madrid four points ahead of Barcelona with a game in hand.
3 comments about "Video Pick: Cristiano Ronaldo's amazing nutmeg ".
  1. Georges Carraha, February 20, 2017 at 12:42 p.m.

    This is not an amazing nutmeg but instead BAD DEFENDING! If a payer is square with you and legs open, the nutmeg is easy. This player would have been beat no matter what move Rinaldo performed.

  2. schultz rockne, February 20, 2017 at 8:01 p.m.

    Any crusty British pundit could not have said it better, GC! Poor defending, poor Bahh to the skill. Any player or coach of substance knows that even if you train specifically for defensive foot quickness and positioning--and have the shortest legs and best feet (à la Fabio Cannavaro, for instance)--and tell yourself in the defensive moment..."I cannot get megged here...feet close together..." that humiliations happen. And imagine a Rinaldo [sic], Rivaldo, Rivellino, Ronaldo, or the above Chrissy coming at you...90-percent of us are toast. So cheers to the skill instead!

  3. Quarterback TD, February 21, 2017 at 9:42 a.m.

    The reason why this is great is for many reasons
    1. This is on the goal line and the defender has stopped his run which is ok
    2. The defender is position incorrectly not so much that his legs are open but more so he is looking to force Ronaldo to cross by not engaging him.
    3. When doing the snake through your opponent legs one must sell the move so that the player does not close his legs before you change the direction of the ball
    4. If this was Messi it would have been the nutmeg of the year
    5. There is no better example of this involving pros when a player is going baseline

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