Video Pick: Goal-line tech spots keeper's own goal

Thanks to goal-line technology, PSV keeper Jeroen Zoet  was caught in an error that handed Feyenoord a 2-1 Dutch Eredivisie win. “This is seriously f***** up,” he said. “The goal-line technology made the difference.”

1 comment about "Video Pick: Goal-line tech spots keeper's own goal".
  1. Charles O'Cain, March 1, 2017 at 10:40 a.m.

    The image you show is not an "actual" image, but rather one generated by the algorithms by which the computerized "goal-line technology" operates. Naturally, based on its sensor inputs, it will generate an image which supports its conclusion that the "whole ball was over the whole line", whether or not in fact this was actually the case (computer sensors sometimes fail, as do human ones). The main advantage of this approach is that a decision is made "objectively" against which no argument can be raised. If you watch enough tennis matches, however, it will become evident that Hawkeye technology is not infallible: there are clear instances where physical evidence (ball marks) contradict the artificial computer image. I'm not against goal-line technology, but it too will make errors from time to time (no doubt far fewer than the humans it is assisting).

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