Platini: Blatter wanted to make me to be 'his last scalp'

  • Le Monde, Thursday, March 30, 2017 10:41 PM
Former UEFA president Michel Platini accused former FIFA president Sepp Blatter of getting him banned from soccer in a bid to save his own job. Both men were banned from soccer for eight years -- reduced to six years on appeal -- after Blatter authorized a payment of $2 million to Platini was for old debt FIFA owed Platini but was deemed a "disloyal payment" because it was no longer enforceable.

"Blatter does not defend anyone else," said Platini in an interview with Le Monde. "He never defended me. He's the most selfish person I have seen in my life. He's the biggest egoist I've ever seen. He thought he would grow old, finish, die and be buried in FIFA. It was his wish. He always said I would be his last scalp. I know he was fixated on me, to the end."

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