Mourinho apologizes for how he treated Schweinsteiger

Jose Mourinho, who took over as Manchester United manager in May 2016 and banished German World Cup star Bastian Schweinsteiger to train with United's U-23 team, says he regrets what happened and made sure to make up for that in allowing Schweinsteiger to join the Chicago Fire in MLS.

“He’s in the category of players that I feel sorry for something I did to him," Mourinho said. "I don't want to speak about him as a player, as would I buy or not buy [him]. I want to speak about him as a pro, as a human being and that was the last thing I told him before he left, ‘I was not right with you once, I have to be right with you now’.

“So when he was asking me to let him leave I had to say, ‘Yes, you can leave because I did it once, I cannot do it twice’ so I feel sorry for the first period with him, he knows that. I will miss a good guy, a good pro, a good influence in training, a very good influence, so I could not stop him to go even though we have so many matches and we would probably need him.

“I had to let him go and now publicly wish him and his wife a very happy life in Chicago.”

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