What They're Saying: Clive Toye

“There wasn’t too much to laugh about in 1967. The knowledge of the game and what it looked like and how it was played was so strange and foreign to Americans in so many ways. What’s soccer? ‘It’s like kickball.’ No, it’s not like kickball. It’s different. That was the nice people. The nasty people called us communists and midgets. I remember one of the West Coast newspapers called us commie midgets. So that went down well.”

-- Clive Toye, who came from England to become the Baltimore Bays general manager for the launch of the NPSL and start of pro soccer in the United States 50 years ago this week. (Guardian)
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  1. Fire Paul Gardner Now, April 18, 2017 at 11:12 a.m.

    According to some on this site, we haven't made any progress since then even though we now have a 22 team league (and growing) playing in mostly brand new soccer specific stadia with average crowds over 21k a game earning $90m a year in TV revenue.

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