Datebook: Concacaf U-17 World Cup Qualifying

The USA, a 6-2 winner of Cuba, meets Mexico, a 6-1 winner over Costa Rica, in the Concacaf U-17 Championship final on Sunday (4 p.m. ET, UDN and the Concacaf YouTube). The USA, Honduras, Mexico and Costa Rica qualified for the 2017 U-17 World Cup.

• The top two finishers of each classification stage group will qualify for the 2017 U-17 World Cup in India. The second-round group winners will meet in the final.

• Games streamed live on Concacaf YouTube page.

Classification Stage
Group D
Pts. (W-L-T) GD
6 USA 2-0-0 +7
3 Honduras 1-1-0 +3
0 Cuba 0-2-0 -10
(USA and Honduras qualified for U-17 World Cup).

May 1
Honduras 7 Cuba 1

May 3
USA 3 Honduras 0

May 5
USA 6 Cuba 2

Group E
Pts. (W-L-T) GD
6 Mexico 2-0-0 +6
3 Costa Rica 1-1-0 -4
0 Panama 0-2-0 -2
(Mexico and Costa Rica qualified for U-17 World Cup).

May 1
Costa Rica 2 Panama 1

May 3
Mexico 1 Panama 0

May 5
Mexico 6 Costa Rica 1

May 7
USA-Mexico (4 p.m. ET, UDN and the Concacaf YouTube).

First Round
Group A
Pts. (W-L-T) GD
7 Panama 2-0-1 +3
6 Honduras 2-1-0 +3
3 Curaçao 1-2-0 -3
1 Haiti 0-2-1 -3

April 21
Curaçao 1 Haiti 0
Panama 4 Honduras 2

April 24
Honduras 3 Curaçao 0
Panama 0 Haiti 0

April 27
Honduras 3 Haiti 1
Panama 1 Curaçao 0

Group B
Pts. (W-L-T) GD
9 Costa Rica 3-0-0 +6
4 Cuba 1-1-1 +1
3 Canada 1-2-0 0
1 Suriname 0-2-1 -5

April 22
Cuba 1 Suriname 1
Costa Rica 2 Canada 1

April 25
Cuba 2 Canada 1
Costa Rica 3 Suriname 0

April 28
Canada 2 Suriname 0
Costa Rica 3 Cuba 1

Group C
Pts. (W-L-T) GD
9 USA 3-0-0 0 +7
6 Mexico 2-1-0 +9
3 Jamaica 1-2-0 -7
0 El Salvador 0-3-0 -9

April 23
USA 5 Jamaica 0
Mexico 6 El Salvador 0

April 26
Jamaica 3 El Salvador 1
USA 4 Mexico 3

April 29
USA 1 El Salvador 0
Mexico 5 Jamaica 1

12 comments about "Datebook: Concacaf U-17 World Cup Qualifying".
  1. R2 Dad, April 26, 2017 at 7:30 p.m.

    Lots of "puto" on goal kicks in Panama. Curious if CONCACAF and FIFA are paying attention.

  2. Ginger Peeler replied, April 27, 2017 at 2:36 p.m.

    It's so pervasive, I'm not sure how they can stop it, unless they kick any and all folks participating in the chant out of the stadium for 5 or 6 games in a row. Some folks seem to have a need to hate and disparage the opposing team...even to the point of throwing batteries, bags of urine, plastic bottles full of water and other various projectiles at them. I think the English would call them "ruffians"; I go with "thugs", yet it's accepted behavior by many of our CONCACAF countries.

  3. don Lamb, April 26, 2017 at 10:10 p.m.

    tres consecutivos, no?

  4. Quarterback TD, April 27, 2017 at 12:17 a.m.

    Watch this today with some true soccer ballers and I must say the US youth system has truly arrived.. Mexico is regarded as one of the best youth systems at U17 winning at the World Cup and placing top 3 quite a few times. I am happy and feel very confident we can bring the World Cup U17 home.

  5. frank schoon, April 28, 2017 at 1:42 p.m.

    To bad I didn't get a chance to watch the US-Mexico game, so I can't comment on it. But I can say one thing and that is don't use the victory of the US over Mexico as benchmark of playing "GOOD" soccer, for Mexico is no great shakes for playing good soccer. Like with Ajax and Barcelona youth teams,it's not about 'WINNING' but playing "GOOD" soccer, for it is all about creating and developing those one or two stars that will play for the FIRST team. So in order to make a good judgement on US youth development, you need to look at the real inside soccer details. For example, how do players ,position of the ball in order to create a faster game, how is the pass made to a teammate in relation to another teammate and the velocity of the pass, is the ball passed in front of the player instead to his feet, how is the player positioned(downfield/upfield upon receiving the ball is that kind of stuff, or for example ,I'm sure, they still make throw ins downfield where ten thousand players are waiting for it to come instead of simply passing it back to an open defender, how many passes are made causing 50/50 duels, etc.....It has nothing with beating Mexico or how many goals are scored but DETAILS which are more important to insiders of the game.

  6. Quarterback TD replied, April 28, 2017 at 2:40 p.m.

    I would agree with you except in this case the win is against Mexico a team that is dominant historically in this age group including champions. So if one is to set a high bench mark it will be against Mexico or Nigeria. Personally I find U17 World Cup is like a soccer tryout it's not very good soccer but it's a lot of fun as it's high scoring. I strongly believe the US has a lot of depth in this age group to select 20 strong, physical, technical and tactical aware players in the country to win the World Cup.

  7. Goal Goal replied, April 29, 2017 at 11:34 a.m.

    The US looked good and I was impressed wit their play. But I was not impressed with Mexico and quite frankly I was surprised at their play. Poorest passing I have seen in a game of this class. They gave the ball up too much both with pressure and without pressure. I watched the game three times and really couldn't believe it was Mexico. The US took advantage of everything and worked them over. US counter attack was outstanding.

  8. frank schoon replied, April 29, 2017 at 11:59 a.m.

    Well. guys , I just finished watching the first half and so far the better "SOCCER PLAYING ' team without a doubt is Mexico. It is not even an issue. The Mexicans actually play soccer, they pass the ball around ,try build up even under pressure by the American who did a good job pressing up high. It took the US about 8min before the US team actually strung 2 consecutive passes together. The mexican team creates triangles off the ball, team moving together upwards, and consecutively go beyond just stringing even more than two passes together, which the US has difficulty doing. The first goal scored by Mexico was nice like the US goal. The second goal by Mexico was beautifully set up and finished , the build up the movement of the whole Mexican team with the beautiful cross was sofar the best goal. The second US goal was just a comedy errors from a dead ball situation with some good hustle by #9 to finish. The Astro turf is a joke for it caused the ball to bounce to high. I see throw ins to players come on the bounce instead of to the feet. Too many were bad. As far as grading the first, Mexico is the better as far playing soccer. The US does not have the fluidity of play which is a characteristic of US soccer and relies more on opportunism. Although the better soccer playing team doesn't necessarily wins the game but as fare as development goes the Mexican player are at least better developed in the aspect playing 'soccer"

  9. frank schoon replied, April 29, 2017 at 12:19 p.m.

    Just saw the second half. The mexican team did not play as well as in the first half. The US played about the same. In a nutshell the mexicans are poor on defense, for that is how the 3rd and 4th goal against them came about. Everyone mentions #9 for the US but I also like #11for the US and #10 and #7for Mexico. I hear quite a few talk about our athleticism and strength of the US ,well that does not interpret into necessarily good soccer playing for our game is much to be desired. As I stated before ,it is the Mexicans that try to at least play soccer , they try to set themselves up on attack , pass short, create triangles, move up as team, but lack in the defense department, for they don't pressure up high and gives US space like in the U20 game. If you want to beat the US than play tight high pressure, for US players are not good in small spaces for we lack the technical skill and poise for that. If I was the Mexican coach , I would not feel bad for they for his team is much further along in "playing soccer" as seen in their poise, movement with the ball, creating triangular positions off the ball positions, fluidity of movement, all of which the US team lacks. Unfortunately the best team doesn't necessarily wins but when looking at U17 players who are still developing then I would say Mexico is doing a better job of it. There was no domination by the US team as some say for how can you dominate when there is so much ball loss and lack of possession. This game simply put came down to that of Mexico needs to improve and work on defense better, but "playing soccer' they are ahead of us.

  10. frank schoon, April 28, 2017 at 3:26 p.m.

    td, like I said I didn't see the game, but it is not whom you play but how you play, that is the most important factor. To beat Mexico in the youth is really meaningless to me , that doesn't prove anything....Size, speed and athleticism does play an important role in the youth , unlike at the professional level where it is all about quick ball handling and movement off the ball, and along with game intelligence.

  11. Quarterback TD replied, April 28, 2017 at 4:03 p.m.

    We are talking U17 and where we stand against the rest of the world. Forget pros that's a totally different topic. Right now it's about U17 generally a pipeline for FIFA to showcase very young talent. To be honest I don't even know why you posted on this topic if you really don't care. Stick to the other topics like MLS otherwise either say something pro or con against the US U17 team so at least you make some sense..

  12. frank schoon replied, April 28, 2017 at 4:36 p.m.

    TD, Soccer in America is all about World Cup , and professional leagues. This is why developmental academies are set up for we want to improve the kids to make them become pros ,if possible, and able to play for USMNT and that fans can come to the stadium to see their american boys play. This youth stuff is meaningless for in the pros different qualifications are needed to win . I look at soccer and strictly look at details of the game, nothing more, nothing less, that is all, just the facts. Sorry you feel that TD, but at least I don't get personal or emotional about it...have a nice day.

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