Making a List: Youngest U.S. scorers at U-20 World Cup

Josh Sargent, the 17-year-old Missouri product who is still eligible for the U-17 World Cup, became the youngest U.S. player in history to score in a U-20 World Cup when he struck twice in Monday’s 3-3 tie with Ecuador. He broke the 10-year-old mark set by Jozy Altidore.

Josh Sargent


Player (Year: game) Age
Josh Sargent (2017: 3-3 vs. Ecuador) 17 years, 91 days
Jozy Altidore (2007: 6-1 vs. Poland) 17 years, 239 days
Troy Dayak (1989: 2-0 vs. East Germany) 18 years, 22 days
Freddy Adu (2007: 6-1 vs. Poland) 18 years, 31 days
Jeff Hooker (1983: 2-3 vs. Uruguay) 18 years, 73 days
Chris Henderson (1989: 2-1 vs. Iraq) 18 years, 76 days

2 comments about "Making a List: Youngest U.S. scorers at U-20 World Cup ".
  1. Nick Daverese, May 22, 2017 at 8:04 p.m.

    I noticed that I hope he is the real deal. That is what hit home with me not a tie was like a win like in the other article about this game.

  2. Quarterback TD replied, May 23, 2017 at 8:37 a.m.

    He is playing well amongst young men as long as he gets into a challenging club he will excel. Europe has ways of also restricting potential growth by not playing kids too young and before you know it they are back at MLS low level.

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