Gold Cup: Defiant French Guyana plays Malouda

The Gold Cup has a history of bizarre events, but few can match what happened Tuesday in Houston.

French Guiana's Yana Doko started captain Florent Malouda, the former French World Cup player, even though Concacaf ruled he was ineligible for the Gold Cup.

The match against Honduras ended in a 0-0 tie but Concacaf will likely award the game to the Catrachos by forfeit, 3-0.

Malouda had played for French Guiana in the recent Caribbean Cup. Another former French star, Jocelyn Angloma, played for Guadeloupe in the 2007 Gold Cup but Concacaf since modified its eligibility rules to state that players must be eligible based on FIFA regulations.

The problems for French Guiana arose because it is a French department, like the Caribbean islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe. While they are Concacaf members, they are not FIFA members.

In the other Group A game, 16-year-old Alphonso Davies scored his third goal in two games to give Canada a 1-1 tie with Costa Rica.

July 7 in Harrison, N.J.
Canada 4 French Guiana 2.
Goals: Jakovic 28, Arfield 45+2, Davies 60; Contout 69, Privat 70.
Canada -- Borjan (Crepeau 64); de Jong, Vitoria, Jakovic, Petrasso; Arfield, Piette, Davies, Bernier (Teibert 66), Hoilett; Cavallini (Jackson-Hamel 83).
French Guiana -- Leon; Legrand, Fabien, Lescot, Soubervie; Baal, Rimane, Dutard (Abelenti 64), Evens (Haabo 89), Contout; Privat.
Att.: 25,817.

July 7 in Harrison, N.J.
Costa Rica 1 Honduras 0.
Goal: Urena 39.
Costa Rica -- Pemberton; Calvo, Gutierrez, J.Acosta, Gonzalez, Gamboa; Guzman, Ruiz; Wallace (Tejeda 71), Urena (Ramirez 82), Venegas (Campbell 35).
Honduras --
L.Lopez; Sanchez (A.Lopez 62), Alvarado, M.Figueroa, H.Figueroa, Crisanto; B.Acosta, Mejia; Quioto, Lanza (Elis 46),  Discua (O.Garcia 56).

July 11  in Houston, Texas
Costa Rica 1 Canada 1. Goals: Calvo 42; Davies 26.
Costa Rica -- Pemberton; Calvo, Gutierrez, Acosta, Gonzalez, Gamboa (Salvatierra 73); Campbell (Ramirez 24), Guzman (Tejada 61), Ruiz, Wallace; Urena.
Canada -- Borjan; Adekugbe, Vitoria, Jakovic, Petrasso; Piette, Davies (Aird 69), Kaye, Arfield, Hoilett (Cavallini 77); Jackson-Hamel (Ricketts 57).

July 11  in Houston, Texas
Honduras 0 French Guiana 0.
Honduras -- L.Lopez; Alvarado, M.Figueroa, H.Figueroa, Beckeles; Lanza (Garcia 46), Acosta (Pena 66), Mejia, A.Lopez (Discua 57); Quioto, Elis.
French Guiana -- Leon; Soubervie (Contout 82), Legrand, Lescot, Fabien; Ball, Rimane, Baal, Malouda; Abelenti (Evens 58), Privat.

July 14 in Frisco, Texas
Costa Rica vs. French Guiana, FS1, UniMas, 7:30 pm ET
Canada vs. Honduras, FS1, UniMas, 10 pm ET

July 8 in Nashville, Tenn.
USA 1 Panama 1. Goals: Dwyer 50; Camargo 60.
USA – Guzan; Zusi, Gonzalez, Besler, Villafana, McCarty, Acosta; Bedoya (Morris, 85), Corona (Agudelo, 61), Rowe (Zardes, 69); Dwyer.
Panama – Calderon; Murillo, Vargas, Chen, Ovalle; Godoy, Gomez (Nunez, 79), Camargo (Cooper, 71) Barcenas; Torres, Diaz (Arroyo, 57).
Att.: 47,622.

July 8 in Nashville, Tenn.
Martinique 2 Nicaragua 0. Goals: Parsemain 35, Langil 66.
Martinique -- Olimpa; Delem, Jean-Baptiste, Vitulin, Cretinoir, Abaul, Nedra (Langil 65), Herelle, Parsemain, Audel (Lougon 77), Arquin (Angely 89).
Nicaragua -- Lorente; Rosas, Copete, Tellez, Quijano; Pinel (B.Garcia 58), Lopez, Montiel (Veliz 87), Galeano; Chavarria, J.Garcia (Pavon 46)
Att.: 47,622.

July 12 in Tampa, Fla.
Panama vs. Nicaragua, FS1, UDN, 6:30 pm ET
USA vs. Martinique, FS1, UniMas, 9 pm ET

July 15 in Cleveland, Ohio
Panama vs. Martinique, FS2, Univision, 4:30 pm ET
USA vs. Nicaragua, FXX, Univision, 7 pm ET

July 9 in San Diego, Calif.
Jamaica 2 Curacao 0. Goals: Williams 58, Mattocks 73.
Curacao -- Room; Justiana, Jakoba, Lachman, Martina; Bacuna, Mulder (Maria 72); Hooi (Zschusschen 85), Nepomuceno, Antonia (van Kessel 66), Janga
Jamaica -- Blake; Lawrence, Taylor, Lowe, Powell (Burke 83); Watson, Lambert, Gordon, Johnson (Mattocks 59), Fisher; Williams (Binns 74).
Att.: 53,133.

July 9 in San Diego, Calif.
Mexico 3 El Salvador 1. Goals: Marin 8, E.Hernandez 29, O.Pineda 55; Bonilla 10.
Mexico --
J.Corona; Reyes (O.Pineda 46), Marin, Ayala, Alvarez; Pizarro, J.Hernandez (Molina 46), Duenas ; E.Hernandez, Sepulveda (Gutierrez 70), Gallardo.
El Salvador --
Villalobos (Carrillo 76); Larin, Mancia, Romero, Tamacas; Flores (D.Pineda 59), Orellana, D.Ceren, Mayen (O.Ceren 65); Zelaya, Bonilla.
Att.: 53,133.

July 13 in Denver, Colo.
El Salvador vs. Curacao, FS1, UniMas, 8 pm ET
Mexico vs. Jamaica, FS1, Univision, 10:30 pm ET

July 16 in San Antonio, Texas
Jamaica vs. El Salvador, FS2, UniMas, 6 pm ET
Curacao vs. Mexico, FS1, UniMas, 8:30 pm ET

July 19 in Philadelphia, Pa.
QF1: 1A vs. 2B
QF2: 1B vs. 3A/C
TV: FS1, UniMas, 6 pm and FS1, Univision, 9 pm ET.

July 20 in Glendale, Ariz.
QF3: 1C vs. 3A/B
QF4: 2C vs. 2A
TV: FS1, UniMas, 7:30 pm and FS1, Univision, 10:30 pm ET.

July 22 in Arlington, Texas
SF1: Winner QF1 vs. Winner QF2, FS1, Univision, 10 pm ET

July 23 in Pasadena, Calif.
SF2: Winner QF3 vs. Winner QF4, FS1, Univision, 9 pm ET

July 26 in Santa Clara, CA
Winner SF1 vs. Winner SF2, FS1, Univision, 9:30 pm ET

3 comments about "Gold Cup: Defiant French Guyana plays Malouda".
  1. Tom Symonds, July 12, 2017 at 3:41 a.m.

    Diego Costa has represented two FIFA nations; Nacer Chadli has represented two FIFA nations; Jermaine Jones has represented two FIFA nations and played in the Gold Cup -- so why can't Florent Malouda represent non-FIFA French Guiana in the Gold Cup? After all, he's only represented one FIFA nation. Come on, CONCACAF, you allow non-FIFA nations to play but you don't want them to field their best players.

  2. Wooden Ships replied, July 12, 2017 at 11:33 a.m.

    How are there non FIFA nations? I know its a long shot, but these nations couldn't qualify for the World Cup could they?

  3. Fire Paul Gardner Now replied, July 12, 2017 at 6:18 p.m.

    FG is literally not a member of FIFA, that's how it's a non-FIFA nation.

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