What They're Saying: Michael Bradley

"As athletes with the platform we have, with the role that we play in society, especially with the younger generation, it’s very important that we understand what’s going on, that we’re well informed and not be afraid to let our voices be heard."

-- Michael Bradley on the responsibility of all citizens to stand up for what's right and not be afraid to voice their opinion, in the aftermath of Charlottesville, the town in which his parents met. (SportsNet)
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  1. Nick Daverese, August 20, 2017 at 5:39 a.m.

    First of all players are just people even if you considered a celebrity. Look at Madonna and what she says what a role model for young girls she is. Look at your college professor what a roll model they are talk about free speach their all for it until you say something that differs from what they believe. I guarantee you that Michael Bradley did not watch it live and he did not hear everything that was said. He heard a media view of what was said. They have to explain things to you because your too stupid to actually see the whole thing. It like when you watch a soccer game and you need an announce or color man to explain what you saw. Its is so much like a soccer game it's crazy. First you have to keep the fans of both teams away from each other. They did not do that in Charlottesville. Bad security could cost people their lives. Remember the Juventus game in the 80s. Lot of people die ar that game.

    Let's throw down every statue of a person we don't like. Like Thomas Jefferson the author of Declaration of Independence. He was a slave owner before he knew better. He freed all the slaves on his plantation and died poor. Robert e lee great general maybe the smartest at the time from West Point. I saw a show in the fifties it was General grant meeting with lee to surrender his troops. Grant was not an animal to him. They wanted to bind the nations wounds. The statue of lee is historic. Forget history or change it your bound to repeat it. On the kkk they can't recruit new idiots. So they do what they did in Charleetsville. Every couple of years it happens for recruitment they know it gets publicity. Then the activities find out and use Facebook to bus people in those are the anarchists strong arm guys to physical fight them. Then you have other people then want to go for what ever reasons they go. The anarchists are paid to go so they have their weapons on them. Then they fight usually the anarchist out number the kkk guys. It's like when a team I know played the NY Albanians from the Bronx. They have some good players in tournament play but not good enough to beat Calabria-Roma. When the Albanians started to lose the game there supporters and sponsors the Albanian mafia started to really fight with the players and the other sides spectators. They don't it many times before. They don't do the typical soccer fight they do the real thing. I was at that game normally when I go to Albanian game I go armed. But I ran out of bullets but went any way. My friend the coach adult team had his three grown up sons playing for him the youngest one took a beating. He was about 24 at that time. All his children are pretty good players who can handle themselves. My field forgets he is their coach and his father's side came out. He walks on the field to protect his kids. His kids get mad he did that. Anyway next thing you know the Albanians did a number on him security and keeping them apart is the answer to problems.

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