What They're Saying: Patrick Vieira

“I think David going back to the national team just shows that you can make a decision to come to MLS and still have a big ambition, still have a chance to play for your national team. I think it will open doors for young international players and experienced international players. The league is competitive."

-- New York City FC coach Patrick Vieira, saying David Villa's call-up to the Spanish national team will open doors for MLS. (MLSSoccer.com)
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  1. frank schoon, August 28, 2017 at 9:39 a.m.

    No, what this really says is that Spanish soccer has a problem with creating goal scorers ,center forwards, strikers or whatever you call them This is why Diego Costa , a Brazilian, playing for Chelsea, changed to play for Spain, for Spain lacks up front attacking scorers. Look at Barcelona, there is not a front line attacker that is Spanish. Look at Real Madrid..item ditto. Spanish soccer is going through the doldrums just like Barcelona and their FA has to look under a rock to find a striker and they'll go anywhere to find one, even in the MLS. If you look at it, Spain and France really have always produced great midfielders but not great strikers. Holland has always produced great strikers and Italians , great defenders....

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