Crowd Count: MLS set to break attendance record again

Boosted by Sunday crowds of 45,314 in Atlanta and 44,679 in Seattle, MLS average attendance climbed to 21,596 for 2017.

Atlanta United still has seven home games at its new Mercedes-Benz Stadium -- two when it opens the entire stadium -- so MLS should again break the league record of 21,692 fans set in 2016 if the remaining teams maintain their current average.

That would mark the fourth year in a row MLS broke its season attendance record.

MLS this week:
45,314 Atlanta United-FC Dallas (3-0)
44,679 Seattle vs. LA Galaxy (1-1)
29,050 Toronto FC-San Jose (4-0)
23,651 NYCFC-Portland (0-1)
22,148 Minn. United-Philadelphia (1-1)
20,783 Vancouver vs. Real Salt Lake (3-2)
20,080 New England-Montreal (1-0)
19,353 NYCFC-Sporting KC (1-0)
18,105 Houston-Colorado (0-1)
18,080 D.C. United-Orlando City (1-2)
17,808 Chicago-NY Red Bulls (1-1)
17,089 Columbus-Sporting KC (1-1)

NWSL this week:
4,702 North Carolina-Houston (1-0)
4,341 Orlando-Seattle (1-1)
3,015 Boston-Portland (0-1)
2,008 Sky Blue-Washington (1-2)
FC Kansas City-Chicago (0-0)

USL this week:
6,083 Rio Grande Valley FC-Sac Republic FC (1-2)
5,309 Timbers 2-Real Monarchs (0-0)
4,536 Phoenix-Orange County (0-0)
4,351 OKC Energy FC-Whitecaps 2 (0-1)
4,341 Orlando City B-Richmond (0-2)
4,133 Saint Louis FC-Harrisburg (1-2)
3,582 Colorado Springs-Phoenix (1-2)
3,582 Toronto II-NY Red Bulls II (1-1)
2,419 Orange County SC-Swope Park Rangers (1-1)
2,345 Rochester-Ottawa (1-1)
1,936 Pittsburgh-Louisville City (0-3)
1,856 Harrisburg-Tampa Bay (2-3)
432 Whitecaps 2-Tulsa (1-3)
432 LA Galaxy II-Reno 1868 (1-2)
n/a Sounders 2-Reno 1868 (1-1)
n/a LA Galaxy II-San Antonio FC (1-1)
Charleston vs. Charlotte (postponed)
Bethlehem Steel vs. Tampa Bay (postponed)
Note: USL games are streamed at YouTube.

NASL this week:
Miami FC-New York Cosmos (3-3)
n/a FC Edmonton-North Carolina (0-3)
SF Deltas vs. Miami FC (postponed)
Puerto Rico FC vs. New York Cosmos (postponed)
Jacksonville vs. Indy Eleven (postponed)

3 comments about "Crowd Count: MLS set to break attendance record again".
  1. R2 Dad, September 11, 2017 at 1:47 p.m.

    Wow. So 44,679 paid to watch Drew Fischer bugger that LA-SEA match. That one play, where no foul is called at one end and then red card DOGSO at the other should be required viewing for PRO on how NOT to officiate. So many things wrong, I would be irate if I were a player/coach manager at that match.

  2. don Lamb replied, September 11, 2017 at 3:05 p.m.

    That red card decision against Roman Torres was absolutely heinous, only made worse by the fact that it was either reviewed in the booth and upheld or deemed unworthy of review. What the hell is VAR for if not to get horrendous calls like that correct. VAR has been a mixed bag so far, and that is being very generous. Referees should have to speak to media after the game just like players and managers do so that they can be questioned on and explain their decisions. I know this wasn't his game, but Mark Geiger is a overrated weenie as far as officials go. MLS props him up as the best American referee, and that is embarrassing.

  3. Fire Paul Gardner Now replied, September 13, 2017 at 11:31 a.m.

    Agree with you both on VAR and its application (or lack thereof) in the LA-SEA game.

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