What They're Saying: Daniele Bellini

“I was in Trenchtown, where Bob Marley was born, with a guide. We looked in a bar, and there were some kids watching a Premier League game. One of them turned around, looked at me, and his face dropped. ‘It’s you,’ he said. ‘Hey, man, Gonzalo! Gonzalo! Higuain! Higuain!’ I don’t know how they’d seen the film -- it’s a bad area, they had old phones, no connection -- and they did not know where Naples was, or even Italy. But they had seen it, in Trenchtown, in Jamaica.”

-- Napoli p.a. announcer Daniele Bellini, who has developed a world-wide reputation via videos on social media for his call of goals by the likes of Gonzalo Higuain. (New York Times)
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