Brooklyn court to hear NASL and FIFA cases days apart

The Federal court at 225 Cadman Plaza East in Brooklyn will be the place to be for soccer watchers this fall.

On Oct. 31, the NASL's motion for a preliminary injunction against U.S. Soccer's denial of Division 2 status will be heard in civil court in Courtroom 6F North. Six days later over in Courtroom 4F North, the FIFA corruption trial against three men is scheduled to begin in criminal court.

On Tuesday, Judge Margo K. Brodie ruled on the NASL's expedited hearing on its request for a preliminary injunction.

NASL's request:
U.S. Soccer's response: October 4
NASL's reply: October 11
Hearing: October 18

U.S. Soccer's request:
U.S. Soccer's response: November 17
NASL's reply: November 30
Hearing: At judge’s convenience after that.

Judge's ruling:
U.S. Soccer's response: October 16
NASL's reply: October 23
Hearing: October 31

Immediate threat? New York Cosmos owner Rocco Commisso, the NASL's chairman of the board of governors, argued that without a preliminary injunction by mid-October, NASL clubs, including the Cosmos, risked not of being unable to conduct necessary preparations for the 2018 season.

In response, U.S. Soccer attorney Lawrence E. Buterman argued that the NASL's recent history belied Commisso's argument about an immediate threat to survival as the cable operator took over the Cosmos, a team on the verge of collapse in January, and got it ready to play for the 2017 season in two months.

A preliminary injunction is one of two injunctions the NASL is seeking. It is also seeking a permanent injunction to eliminate U.S. Soccer's divisional structure, allowing leagues to operate without designations and without the Division 1 classification that, the NASL argues, gives MLS an advantage. That aspect of the antitrust case will be argued at a later date.

Three defendants on trial. Only three defendants will be on trial in the Federal criminal case involving corruption in soccer, mainly centered on kickbacks involving marketing and television deals in Concacaf and Conmebol.

Former Conmebol president Juan Angel Napout, former Brazilian soccer federation president Jose Maria Marin and former soccer federation president Peruvian Manuel Burga all pleaded not-guilty. The other defendants have either pleaded guilty or are fighting extradition.

There have been extensive pre-trial maneuvering related to the FIFA trial with prosecutors arguing that jurors need to be semi-sequestered and anonymous, given the case's widespread press coverage and possibility of intimidation.

2 comments about "Brooklyn court to hear NASL and FIFA cases days apart".
  1. Fire Paul Gardner Now, September 27, 2017 at 9:43 a.m.

    The article says the hearing will begin October 31 but according to your article the Judge ruled it will be at his convenience. Which is it?

  2. Fire Paul Gardner Now, September 27, 2017 at 9:44 a.m.

    Nevermind - I looked it up. The US Soccer request dates above are actually what the Judge ruled. Hearing will be October 31 if the Judge deems it necessary.

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