U.S. Soccer names 'Innovate to Grow Fund' grant recipients

Thirteen programs in 12 states are recipients of U.S. Soccer’s Innovate to Grow Fund grants. U.S. Soccer launched the initiative last March “to help members launch new and innovative programs to grow participation in their markets.”

The projects receiving funds are:

• Start Healthy Soccer (Alabama Joint)
• Futsal League (Alaska Youth)
• Play-Oakland (Cal North Youth)
• First Kick Training Program (Illinois Youth)
• Albuquerque Middle School Development League (New Mexico Youth)
• Grassroots Development Program (Tennessee Joint)
• G.O.A.L.S. (Utah Youth)
• Walking Soccer (Washington Adult)
• Grassroots Development Plan (Colorado Joint)
• Soccer Starts at Home (Washington Youth)
• Discover Soccer Project (Missouri Youth)
• Outreach Soccer League (Georgia Joint)
• LA Kicks (Louisiana Joint)

Go HERE for descriptions of the programs.

Criteria to be considered for grant funding:

The program must be new and different from current efforts; demonstrate capability to grow participation; demonstrate potential to scale in other markets; align with U.S. Soccer Player Development Initiatives; must also be financially invested in the program.

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