Men's Nike Friendlies: U.S. U-17s avoid being swept with draw against Brazil

Sub Diego Lopez scored in the 53rd minute to give the U.S. under-17 men’s national team a 1-1 tie with Brazil to close out the 2017 Men’s Nike International Friendlies in Lakewood Range, Florida.

With the result, the USA, which has lost to England (1-0) and the Netherlands (5-1) in its first two games, avoided being swept for the first time in the international component of the 17- year history of the tournament.

Men’s Nike Friendlies champions
2017 Brazil
2016 USA
2015 England
2014 Brazil
2013 USA
2012 Portugal
2011 USA
2010 Turkey
2009 Brazil
2008 Brazil

Brazil led on Alysson's goal in the 14th minute and held off the USA until the equalizer 13 minutes into the second half. Axel Alejandre headed on the corner kick from Gilbert Fuentes Perez, allowing Lopez to redirect it over the line.

Dec. 3 in Lakewood Ranch, Florida
USA 1 Brazil 1. Lopez 53; Alysson 15.
USA -- Las; Scally, Judge, Alejandre, Bello; Stroud, Fuentes Perez (Serrano 71), Saldana; Hagan (Lopez, 52), Ocampo Chavez, Busio.
Brazil -- Bruno Carcaioli; Gustavo, Derick, Alysson, Maranyao; Wesley (Giovanni, 41), Hiago (Sandry, 65), Dhouglas, Miguel (Yago, 54); Bruno Conceicao (Alejandro, 41), Bruno (Lazaro, 41; Deivid, 80+2).
Att.: 1,807.
4 comments about "Men's Nike Friendlies: U.S. U-17s avoid being swept with draw against Brazil".
  1. frank schoon, December 4, 2017 at 10:39 a.m.

    As I was watching just the first 15minutes of the Netherlands vs England game ,I noticed the English players have much better ball handling skills than our kids. They show a personality, a presence and I'm talking only about their defensive line in the back. Their defense players in the back have more individual prowess and one on one skills with the bal than even any of our front line attacking players. IT IS SO NOTICEABLE !! This is the kind of ball handling skills and prowess and presence I would expect ,AT LEAST, to see from our Hispanic youth from all ages but unfortunately the only thing that I see that is different from our is their hispanic sounding name. Our players just LACK a presence with the ball. 
    England didn't win the tournament and it doesn't matter but they should win the prize for the most improved team, regardless, if they lost two games. THe winning and losing is not important but how fair as individual players.
    In sum we have talent, but the problem is the COACHING/training/and the philosophy. England soccer is not known for technical ball handling but what these English kids have shown is a REFLECTION of their training and coaching, which the American COACHING counter part has failed in. Note the American kids represent the better/best player of America of this age group, and these kids obviously have been trained and developed via PAY For PLAY, and DA. What that tells me and anyone with a half a brain can see that PAY for PLAY and DA has been a failure in producing nice technical players or the individualistic part of the game....When I look at our players , all I can say is that these parents have wasted a lot money.

  2. Right Winger replied, December 4, 2017 at 11:38 a.m.

    Frank did you see the US/Brazil game?  That game was disaster whether you were Brazilian or from the US.  I have never seen such poor passing and giving up the ball from both sides as I saw in this game.   That game was ugly no matter who you were routing for.  I know Brazil only had to tie but their play was horrible.  At least in my mind.

    We don't have a midfiled.

  3. frank schoon replied, December 4, 2017 at 12:36 p.m.

    FAn,I"m planning to watch it this afternoon.. I just finished watching Holland vs England...I like the  #7 for England on the flank...such a nice winger...reminds me of Eddie Gray of Leeds of the '70s or Steve Heighway of Liverpool of early 70's. Also #16 of England who played the 2nd half....There is no why can't have players like that...

  4. frank schoon replied, December 4, 2017 at 2:04 p.m.

    Fan, what a Snoozer...THis is probably the worse game of all the games.  
    We miss a certain style of play...Suppose the Brazilians and the Americans wore totally different color uniforms  and the tv cameras were not allowed to shoot the players above the waist in order to make the viewing audience guess which is the Brazilian team. I sure most soccer afficionados would pick out which the team the Brazilian were, through their style and manner of handling the ball. Now do this with other team the US played and I will guarantee, it would be easy to pick out which team the Americans were. We have no style, no individuality, no poise and it is so easy to notice in the manner how we play. I'm very dissappointed in the Coaching and Training of our youth players for reallze the represent America's better players.....

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