Latest from the FIFA corruption trial

“We all can get hurt because of this subject, it could come from the money-laundering agency of Buenos Aires to investigate, to name one, or Brazil or the DEA. All of us go to prison."

-- The self-fulfilling prophecy of Alejandro Burzaco, owner of Torneos y Competencias, caught on a wire worn by Traffic founder Jose Hawilla in 2014, to discuss paying millions of dollars in bribes to the presidents of South America's 10 soccer federations in a scheme to organize the Copa Centenario and sell marketing rights to three agencies. Burzaco pleaded guilty and testified in the trial of three South American soccer officials in Brooklyn. Hawilla, who became a government informant in 2013, also pleaded guilty and agreed to forfeit $151 million. Hugo Jinkis and his son, Mariano, from the third agency, Full Play Group, were also indicted and believed to be in Argentina. (Bloomberg)
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