U.S. Soccer presidential election: NASL confirms support for Wynalda

The NASL became the first pro league to confirm its support in the U.S. Soccer presidential race when it declared it is backing Eric Wynalda.

The move is no surprise. In a recent interview with SI.com's Grant Wahl, Wynalda said he had received campaign support from Riccardo Silva, the owner of the NASL’s Miami FC, and Rocco Commisso, the owner of the New York Cosmos and the chairman of the NASL's board of governors.

Wynalda described the support from Silva as "minimal" and Commisso's as only hotel accommodations on one trip to New York. Commisso said he was prepared to help Wynalda as needed though Wynalda had not asked.

In a letter to the eight candidates on Dec. 21, U.S. Soccer said the new president will have to disclose his or her financial support during the campaign as part of the annual conflicts declaration the president must make. Such declarations were voluntary for candidates.

NASL interim commissioner Rishi Sehgal's statement:
"I am proud to announce that the NASL and its member clubs unanimously support Eric Wynalda to become the next President of the United States Soccer Federation. Eric is a soccer visionary who knows how to lead by inclusion and empowerment. He was a pioneer when he became one of the first American players to achieve success as a professional player abroad and that experience left him unafraid to challenge the status quo. Eric is best equipped to deliver an increase in opportunity for all stakeholders and end the conflicts of interest that limit the sport's growth. There are foundational issues plaguing the sport in our country and Eric's extensive background, including being a member of the Hall of Fame, uniquely positions him well to lead the development of soccer and not just the business of soccer."

U.S. Soccer National Council:
YOUTH COUNCIL (*2017 delegates)
Vote Total:
Youth Council shares equal vote with Adult Council and Professional Council.
Multiplier: 1.0.
J=joint adult and youth association.
0=not present at 2017 National Council.
*2018 National Council delegates will be based on final 2017 player registrations.

Region 1
3 Connecticut JSA (web site)
2 Delaware YSA (web site)
3 Soccer Maine (web site)
5 Maryland State YSA (web site)
6 Massachusetts YSA (web site)
3 (J) New Hampshire SA (web site)
6 New Jersey State YSA (web site)
5 Eastern New York YSA (web site)
4 New York State West YSA (web site)
6 Eastern Pennsylvania YSA (web site)
4 (J) Pennsylvania West SA (web site)
3 Soccer Rhode Island (web site)
3 Vermont YSA (web site)
5 Virginia YSA (web site)
3 West Virginia YSA (web site)

Region 2
5 Illinois YSA (web site)
5 (J) Indiana SA (web site)
3 (J) Iowa Iowa SA (web site)
4 Kansas State YSA (web site)
4 Kentucky YSA (web site)
4 Minnesota YSA (web site)
5 Michigan SYSA (web site)
4 Missouri YSA (web site)
4 (J) Nebraska SSA (web site)
2 (J) North Dakota SA (web site)
4 Ohio YSA-North (web site
5 Ohio South YSA (web site)
3 South Dakota SSA (web site)
5 Wisconsin YSA (web site)

Region 3
3 (J) Alabama SA (web site)
2 (J) Arkansas SSA (web site)
6 Florida YSA (web site)
5 (J) Georgia SSA (web site)
0 (J) Louisiana SA (web site)
3 (J) Mississippi (web site)
5 North Carolina YSA (web site)
6 (J) North Texas SA (web site)
3 Texas SSA South (web site)
3 (J) Oklahoma SA (web site)
0 South Carolina YSA (web site) Supports: Kyle Martino
5 (J) Tennessee SSA (web site)

Region 4
3 Alaska SYSA (web site)
4 Arizona YSA (web site)
6 California YSA-North (web site)
6 (J) California SSA-South (web site)
5 (J) Colorado SA (web site)
3 Hawaii YSA (web site)
3 Idaho YSA (web site)
0 Montana YSA (web site)
3 Nevada SYSA (web site)
3 New Mexico YSA (web site)
6 Oregon YSA (web site)
4 Utah YSA (web site)
5 Washington Youth Soccer (web site)

36 AYSO (web site)
36 US Club Soccer  (web site)

Multiplier: 1.0.
8 members

ADULT  COUNCIL (*2017 delegates)
Vote total: Adult Council shares equal vote with Professional Council and Youth Council.
Multiplier: Youth Council delegate/Adult Council delegates.
J=joint adult and youth association.
0=not present at 2017 National Council (in parentheses is number of delegates at 2017 Mid-Year USASA meeting).
*2018 National Council delegates will be based on final 2017 player registrations.

Region 1
4 Connecticut SSA (web site) Supports: Kyle Martino
0 (1) Delaware SA
3 Maryland SSA (web site)
5 Massachusetts ASSS (website)
5 Metro DC-VA SA (web site)
1 (J) New Hampshire SA (web site)
4 New Jersey SA (web site) Supports: Kathy Carter
4 Eastern New York SSA (web site) Supports: Kathy Carter
4 Western New York SA (web site)
4 Eastern Pennsylvania SA (web site)
3 (J) Pennsylvania West SA (web site)
2 Rhode Island SA (web site) Supports: Steve Gans
2 Vermont State SA (web site)  
2 West Virginia SA (web site)

Region 2
4 Illinois SSA (web site)
3 (J) Indiana SA (web site)
3 (J) Iowa SA (web site)
3 Kansas SSA (web site)
3 Kentucky SA (web site)
4 Michigan SA (web site)
4 Minnesota SA (web site)
2 Missouri SA
2 (J) Nebraska SSA (web site)
1 (J) North Dakota SA
2 Ohio-North SA (web site)
2 Southern Ohio ASA (web site)
1 South Dakota SA (web site)
2 Wisconsin Soccer Leagues (web site)

Region 3
3 (J) Alabama SA (web site)
3 (J) Arkansas SSA (web site)
5 Florida SSA (web site)   
4 (J) Georgia SSA (web site)
3 (J) Louisiana SA (web site)
1 (J) Mississippi (web site)
5 North Carolina SA (web site)   
5 (J) North Texas SA (web site)
4 Texas SSA South (web site)
3 (J) Oklahoma SA (web site)
4 South Carolina SA (web site)  
4 (J) Tennessee SSA (web site)

Region 4
3 Alaska SSA (web site)   
3 Arizona SSA 
5 California SA North (web site)   
5 (J) California SSA-South (web site)
3 (J) Colorado SA (web site)
4 Hawaii SA   
3 Idaho SSA   
0 Montana SSA
1 Nevada SSA   
4 New Mexico SSA (web site)
4 Oregon ASA (web site) 
3 Utah SA (web site)
5 Washington SSA (web site)  
1 Wyoming SA

0 (1) ASL
4 AYSO (web site)
0 (3) NPSL (web site) Supports: Eric Wynalda
0 (2) NSL
0 UPSL (web site) Supports: Paul Caligiuri
4 US Club Soccer  (web site)
0 (5) USL (web site)
3 WCSA (web site)
3 WPSL (web site)

Multiplier: 1.0.
8 members

PROFESSIONAL COUNCIL (*2018 delegates)
Vote Total: Professional Council shares equal vote with Adult Council and Youth Council.
Youth Council delegates/Pro Council delegates.
*2018 National Council delegates are based on what the Board of Directors approved at its Jan. 14 meeting (reported ESPN FC's Jeff Carlisle).

9 MLS (web site)
1 NASL (web site) Supports: Eric Wynalda
3 NWSL (web site)
3 USL (web site)

ATHLETE COUNCIL (2018 representatives)
Vote Total: By Federal law equals 20 percent of the total vote.
Total of other delegates/(4 x Pro Council delegates).
1 Chris Ahrens, chair
1 Carlos Bocanegra, co-chair
1 Shannon Boxx
1 Brian Ching
1 Brad Guzan
1 Stuart Holden
1 Lauren Holiday
1 Angela Hucles, co-chair
1 Will John
1 Lori Lindsay
1 Kate Markgraf
1 John O'Brien
1 Heather O'Reilly
1 Leslie Osborne
1 Nick Perera
1 Christie Rampone
1 Gavin Sibayan
1 Jonathan Spector
1 Lindsay Tarpley
1 Aly Wagner

LIFE MEMBERS (2018 members)
Multiplier: 1.0 or 12/delegates if more than 12 delegates.

1 Gianfranco Borroni
1 Chris Christoffersen
1 Hank Des Bordes
1 Stephen Flamhaft
1 Burton Haimes
1 Marty Mankamyer
1 Peter Masotto
1 Gerhard Mengel
1 Larry Monaco
1 Foster Perry
1 Darl Rose
1 Alan I. Rothenberg
1 Howard Rubenstein
1 Hank Steinbrecher
1 Mary Pat Bell
1 Bob Black
1 Peter Collins
1 Marge Madriago
1 Robert Contiguglia
1 Francisco Marcos
1 Michael Edwards
1 Bruno Trapikas

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (2018 directors)
Multiplier: 1.0.

1 Sunil K. Gulati, president
1 Carlos Cordeiro, vice president Supports: Carlos Cordeiro
1 Chris Ahrens, Athlete Council
1 Carlos Bocanegra, Athlete Council
1 Angela Hucles, Athlete Council
1 Don Garber, Professional Council
1 Steve Malik, Professional Council
1 Richard Moeller, Adult Council
1 John Motta, Adult Council
1 Jesse Harrell, Youth Council
1 Tim Turney, Youth Council
1 John Collins, At-Large Member
1 Donna E. Shalala, Independent Member
1 Val Ackerman, Independent Member
1 Lisa Carnoy, Independent Member

Multiplier: 1.0
2 TBD (web site)

National Associations
Multiplier: 1.0.
1 AYSO (web site)
1 US Club (web site)
1 US Adult (web site)
1 US Youth (web site)

Other Affiliates
Multiplier: 1.0.
1 SAY Soccer (web site)
1 USSSA (web site)
1 US Futsal (web site)

Disabled Service Organization
Multiplier: 1.0.
1 American Amputee Soccer Association (web site)
1 U.S. Power Soccer (web site)
1 USA Deaf Soccer (web site)

Associate Members
Multiplier: 1.0.
1 U.S. Armed Forces Sports Council (web site)
1 United Soccer Coaches (web site)
1 U.S. Soccer Foundation (web site)

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