Landon's Deals

By Ridge Mahoney, Senior Editor

A few days before an endorsement deal for Landon Donovan with Gatorade was announced Quakes coach Frank Yallop expressed some concern about all his outside interests.

''Landon has to drop all that stuff on the outside and play some good football for us because that's the only reason he's here,'' said Yallop just prior to the team's departure for the La Manga Cup, where the Quakes finished last in their group after a 2-0 loss to Rosenborg (Norway), a 1-1 tie with Rubin and a 3-1 loss to Viking (Norway).

''He's not here to do commercials and photo shoots, he's here to play soccer for San Jose and score 20 goals in a season and help us get back to where we want to be. Landon is a huge part of that. He really wants to do well for San Jose.

''We had faith in him the first year. He's a young kid and we take him and he does great. He didn't really perform for us that way last year for whatever reason. He had a lot on his plate, the kid.''

Donovan logged seven goals and three assists in 20 games last year. His 2001 totals were 22 games, seven goals and 10 assists. In his endorsement portfolio are deals with Nike, Pepsi and Gatorade, among others.

(The preceding is an excerpt from the Soccer America e-letter MLS Confidential)

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