Watch: NASA Astronaut Nicole Mann deliver inspirational soccer speech

Nicole Aunapu Mann, a star for Coach Carin Gabarra's Naval Academy team in the 1990s, explains how soccer prepared her for flying F/A-18s and becoming one of the 44 active NASA astronauts qualified for future assignment, which could include missions in the International Space Station.

Mann delivered this 7-minute speech upon being awarded the The Jerry Yeagley Award for Exceptional Personal Service at the 2018 United Soccer Coaches Convention.

"I chose the military career in life, but whatever you choose, whatever you choose to do after your soccer career, whether it's business or marketing, or outreach, or you're raising awareness for something that's very important, you're inspiring youth, take the fundamentals that you learned in soccer, take that passion and apply it life," said Mann. "If you take everything you do in soccer and start applying it to other aspects of your life, you'll be amazed at the opportunities that you can create."

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