New ESPN Plus will absorb MLS streaming service

As expected, ESPN Plus, ESPN's new pay streaming service that will launch in the spring, will carry MLS Live, MLS's streaming service for live games unavailable to fans on national television or in their local markets.

Bloomberg first reported that MLS teams have been notified of the switch, which the league has not yet announced. Because the launch date is in the spring after MLS starts its 2018 season in early March, Bloomberg reported that MLS games that would have aired on MLS Live and will move to ESPN Plus will be available for free on

What is ESPN Plus? ESPN Plus is distinct from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes or other ESPN networks that air live sports events. ESPN Plus will carry, according to Disney CEO Bob Iger, “an incremental thousands of hours of live sports programming” as well as original programming.

Fans will still have to have cable or subscribe to a live streaming content service to get ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes. ESPN will have 28 regular-season broadcasts in 2018, ESPN2 will carry three games, and all 31 games will be available on ESPN Deportes.

What that means is a "cord-cutter" won't be able to just get ESPN Plus to watch all MLS games on ESPN. That will be similar to the NBC Sports Gold, which carries EPL games unavailable on one of the NBC networks each matchday.

Fans won't be able to watch MLS games available on ESPN Plus if their home team's games are being carried on a local or regional platform. That usually means a local channel or regional sports network, though teams are beginning to add local digital options. Conversely, fans outside the team's market will be geo-fenced from accessing these local digital streams.

What will ESPN Plus cost? ESPN Plus will cost $4.99 a month, which is less than MLS Live priced at $79.99 a year in 2017. It will be available on a newly redesigned ESPN App that will also offer news and highlights as well as access to ESPN networks.

What will ESPN Plus carry? ESPN Plus subscribers will get access to thousands live events a year: baseball, ice hockey, golf and tennis, as well as college sports, all from ESPN's existing inventory of sports programming.

That is expected to mean that extra content now available digitally on ESPN3 for free if you subscribe to an ESPN network will move to ESPN Plus, which you will have to pay for. Soccer content recently on ESPN3 has included the English Championship and UEFA futsal championships. In the fall, ESPN3 has carried lots of college soccer.

A deal with 21st Century Fox, if approved, would give ESPN ownership of 22 regional sports networks now under Fox Sports' umbrella and expand the inventory of sports content available for ESPN Plus. That would not impact the MLS arrangement since some of those regional sports networks carry the local packages of some MLS teams.
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  1. Bob Ashpole, February 13, 2018 at 10:20 p.m.

    ESPN3 wasn't free. It was part of the cable subscription to ESPN. This is just a way for Disney to charge customers directly for what was previously paid for through cable TV subscriptions. Inflation. Gouging. Whatever.

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