What They're Saying: Miguel Miranda

“If a player isn’t performing at the standard we require for their age and their body has stopped developing, then we will release them. We prefer skinny, awkward teens to the finished product at 15. Again, here, Cristiano is the perfect example. We don’t want them to be professional at 14. We want them to be professional at 20."

-- Miguel Miranda, a coordinator at the famed academy operated by Sporting Lisbon, which produced Ballon d'Or winners Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Figo and eight of the 11 players who started for champion Portugal in the Euro 2016 final. (Guardian)
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  1. Wooden Ships, February 21, 2018 at 5:13 p.m.

     Not in the States. Sporting should probably come see how we do it. 

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