What They're Saying: Chris Sutton

"Mourinho is a changed personality from the charismatic one that first came over in 2004. He is picking silly, personal squabbles. Is it disastrous for Manchester United at the moment? No. But is this what Mourinho's remit was, to come in and finish behind City and not push for major trophies? He is rattled. He looks across the city, and the style of football they and Liverpool play. This is a guy who first came on to the scene and was regarded as a genius. Now he is looking outdated in the way his team plays and the way other teams play."

-- Former Chelsea star Chris Sutton on Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho. United is in second place in the EPL but 16 points behind Manchester City and with only 58 goals, the fewest in the top four. (Monday Night Club on BBC Radio 5)
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  1. Ben Myers, March 19, 2018 at 8:53 p.m.

    Sutton is spot on.  Something happened to Mourinho's head in the last few years.  Did he get carried away with how wonderful he thinks he is?  I don't know, but he has a wealth of talent at Man U.  His dull and static playing style is neither truly effective nor enjoyable for the players, all of whom would be capable of so much more with a coach who had even a little imagination.  A replacement coach would simply say to the players to go out and enjoy the game, and play with smiles on your faces.

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