Report: Beckham MLS group is looking at five stadium sites in Miami

In January, MLS officially announced that it will be returning to Miami, fulfilling on its agreement with David Beckham to give him an option on an expansion team.

What wasn't clear then: the search for a stadium site, already its fourth year, was not over.

The Miami Herald reported that Beckham and his ownership group have expanded their search for a stadium to multiple sites. His new partners, Miami-based brothers Jorge and Jose Mas, are not satisfied with the chosen site in Overtown, itself the fourth choice after more than three years of searching for a home for a soccer stadium.

“We’re actively looking at five or so sites,” Jorge Mas told the Herald “There are a handful of sites that are interesting.”

Overtown -- where the Beckham group has paid $19 million for six acres of private land and has an option on three more acres for $9 million -- is still in the mix though it poses problems known from the beginning: the lack of space for parking.

Other sites under consideration:

-- Melreese golf course (near Miami International Airport);
-- Hialeah Park and Casino;
-- Land near Jackson Memorial Hospital (off Dolphin Expressway);
-- A Pepsi distribution center in Doral.

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