MLS: LAFC condemns homophobic slur chanted at stadium opener

In Monday, Los Angeles Football Club and the 3252 Independent Supporters Union issued a joint statement to condemn the use of an anti-gay slur by some fans at the Banc of California Stadium opener on Sunday.

"The offensive goal-kick chant is wrong and not what we are about. We ask that all of our fans and supporters work to hold each other accountable to eliminate this," LAFC president and owner Tom Penn and Josef Zacher, president of 3252, after the game, which LAFC won, 1-0.

The statement noted that any fans identified as chanting the offensive chant will be removed from Banc of California Stadium and have their season membership revoked.
Federations within Latin America have been repeatedly fined by FIFA for failing to stop fans from using the goal-kick slur.
1 comment about "MLS: LAFC condemns homophobic slur chanted at stadium opener".
  1. Wooden Ships, May 1, 2018 at 7:45 a.m.

    Might wake them up if match played in an empty stadium. Need to get a handle on it quickly. 

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