Watch: A spectacular tribute to Borussia Dortmund

A pair of BVB fans created a club logo in a field of rapeseed large enough for airline passengers to see when their planes approach the Dortmund airport.

"My boss had the idea to do it 15 years ago and had always tried to work out how to put it into practice," Robin Voigtländer told "Then one evening we were having a couple of beers and we came up with the idea. Peter [the owner of the field] was on holiday for a week so a colleague and I set about doing it. I'm delighted with the way it looks. It turned out brilliantly; I couldn't have imagined it better. It all came together as the combination of our hobbies of agriculture and Borussia Dortmund."

Said David Obenaus:

"Then we got out our compasses and rulers and started calculating the dimensions and then converting that into the right proportions. Then we went out into the field and made the measurements and put in the markers."

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