Orlando City bans 38 fans, limits beer sales after stadium turned into 'trash can'

Orlando City has taken a number of steps in the aftermath of the latest fan trouble at Orlando City Stadium.

During the Lions' 2-1 loss to Southeast rival Atlanta United on May 13, water bottles, beer cans and trash were thrown on the field in response to a no-call for what fans thought should have been foul on Atlanta United and a yellow card for dissent issued to Will Johnson.

Orlando City CEO Alex Leitao took responsibility for the incidents, given the history of fan trouble, and the said the latest incident prompted the front office to make changes in its house.

“I was very, very sad, to say the least," he said, "to see our stadium turning into a trash can from out home fans.”

Orlando City issued one- or two-year stadium bans for 38 fans found via surveillance footage to have thrown materials on the field.

Orlando City vice president of game-day operations Alex Wolf outlined four changes in stadium policy.

To take effect immediately:

-- If something is tossed on the field, a message will be played over the p.a. system and graphic displayed on the big screen reminding fans of the consequences of throwing objects on the field.

-- Before every home game, Orlando City will play a video of players discussing the club's fan code of conduct.

To be implemented before the end of the season:

-- Beer bottles, cans and cups with lids will be banned from the stadium, making it an "all-pour
 venue. The only place beer cans will be allowed is in suites.

-- To give stadium security a 360-degree view at all times, more surveillance cameras will be placed in the inner bowl.

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