United 2026 vs. Morocco: How the FIFA voting will work

The host of the 2026 World Cup should be selected at the FIFA Congress June 13 in Moscow.

We say "should" because there's a very remote chance that FIFA's members could disqualify both bids, opening the contest up for new bidders from the two confederations -- UEFA and AFC -- not allowed to take part in the 2026 bid because members of those confederations are hosts of the next two World Cup -- Russia in 2018 and Qatar in 2022.

Who votes? FIFA's 211 member associations should all be in attendance at the FIFA Congress, but only 207 members will vote. The four bidders -- USA, Canada, Mexico and Morocco -- don't get a vote.

Guatemala's federation just had its suspension lifted so it will be allowed to vote. Morocco is trying to get the four U.S. territories --  Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa and Guam -- thrown out. FIFA's position is that they are federations independent from U.S. Soccer and they should be allowed to vote. (Expect a floor flight over this issue.)

Member voting is departure from past votes, held by the executive committee and rife with corruption.

Who's on the ballot? On the ballot will be ...

-- Moroccan Football Association Bid
-- United Bid
-- None of the Bids -- Reopen Bidding Process

How does the voting work? The winner is by simple majority -- a majority of those who voted.

1. If United 2026 or Morocco has a simple majority on the first ballot, it wins.

2. If the no vote wins a simple majority on the first ballot, United 2026 and Morocco are excluded and FIFA will re-open the bidding.

3. If no one has a a simple majority on the first ballot, the no vote is thrown out and United 2026 and Morocco go head-to-head.

4. In the head-to-head battle, the bid with the most votes wins.

Tie-breaker? The report by FIFA's 2026 World Cup task force serves one function in the voting process. It will be the tie-breaker in a case of a tie, giving the United 2026 bid the advantage in that case.

Will the voting be public? The voting will be done electronically, but FIFA will later make public each member's vote.
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