Talk of the World Cup 2026 bid campaign

"I think any time you host a World Cup you're going to have new generations of soccer fans and that's important. It's important especially in a younger country like America.
It's important for so many different reasons, I want to go myself to the World Cup in America. But, at the same time, I think it should be awarded to a country which abides by federal law, who is transparent, who runs their non-profit organizations in the way it should be run, who aren't hiding millions of dollars, and a company who actually answers these questions that want to be answered. They just ignore everybody."

-- Former U.S. star Hope Solo says hosting the World Cup will create new generations of soccer fans. She just doesn't like the fact one of three co-bidders is U.S. Soccer, against which she filed a complaint before the USOC. (CNN Sport)
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