What They're Saying: Tayebeh Siavoshi

"If all goes well, this could be a prelude to the general lifting of the women's stadium ban. Once spectators have shown their respect for the rules, we hope it will be possible to screen the Iran-Portugal game in the same stadium [on June 25] and that will mark the start of families attending matches played at the Azadi."

-- Tayebeh Siavoshi, an Iranian female lawmaker and women's rights activist, after Tehran's city council reversed its long-standing policy and allowed women to watch the Iran-Spain World Cup match on a giant screen at the Azadi Stadium. Iran has had a policy of banning women from attending sporting events with men in public places. (ISNA via AFP)
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  1. Wooden Ships, June 21, 2018 at 3:46 a.m.

    Little late to the party aren’t you.

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