What They're Saying: Aly Wagner

“Being told you should reduce your pregnancy because your kids won’t be able to live a normal life and going into preterm labor at 28 weeks? That’s real. Men who can’t learn or enjoy our broadcasts because of the sound of my voice? That’s actually funny.”

-- Fox Sports color commentator Aly Wagner, the mother of four, including triplets, on what she thinks of anonymous Internet haters. (Vogue)
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  1. Ginger Peeler, June 30, 2018 at 5:57 p.m.

    Okay, I’m neither a hater nor am I anonymous AND I’m both a mother and grandmother. In the 50s and 60s, when I was in public schools, they included “public speaking” in their lessons. Each child would have to present a book report or present some kind of information to the whole class (in college, they had a comprehensive class like that called “Speech”). The teacher and classmates would then grade the student’s endeavors and would suggest improvements that would help. FOX has 2 color commentators who needed some kind of course in public speaking prior to placing them in front of a microphone working the World Cup games. Both Aly and Tony Meola are guilty of speaking in almost a monotone on occasion. Aly delivers ALMOST ALL of her info this way, ending her comments on the same rising note that suggests she’s going to continue, but she doesn’t...over and over. Basically, she fails to end her sentences. Tony does it, too, on occasion. I was wondering if it was a behavior Aly and Tony had been taught to try to hold the attention of the viewers? If so, it’s a major disservice to both Aly and Tony. It’s NOT funny when you’te trying to listen and having difficulty processing the information since the high tone indicates more information to come. Aly leaves you waiting...repeatedly. Remember when the “valley girls” were derided for ending all their sentences as questions? Most of the World Cup FOX color commentators are okay. The play by play has some I enjoy and some that are okay. But then there’s the super-hyper Hispanic guy. I don’t know his name, but his sheer intensity has driven me to avoid watching any of his games. I know...lots of people must love him, so it’s my loss when I can’t watch the games he covers. At the same time, I know I can’t be the only one. His color commentator is calm and well informed.  As far as I’m concerned, FOX has failed me. They failed to work with all of the color commentators to make sure  that their choices provided us with the most information in the best possible ways. And their play-by-play guys are definitely NOT created equally. I LOVE the World Cup and most of the coverage has been superb. But FOX dropped the ball in choosing/training their commentators. Aly and Tony’s deficiencies can be squarely placed on the guys making the money for carrying these games. How hard would it have been to present all of the color commentators with a couple classes to ensure they were all performing to the best of their abilities. The guy with the unbelievable intensity?  FOX knew exactly what they were doing when they brought him on board. Perhaps it has paid off for them. They lost me, but that probably doesn’t matter. 

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