Market Watch: World Cup Viewers (Game Average)

1994: ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 2,801,000 (2.0)
1998: ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 1,222,000 (0.9)
2002: ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 1,043,000 (0.7)
2006: ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 2,321,000 (1.6)
2010: ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 3,273,000 (2.1)
2014: ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 4,557,000 (2.8)
2018: FOX/FS1 2,980,000 (1.9)
Sources: ESPN, Sports Media Watch.
1 comment about "Market Watch: World Cup Viewers (Game Average)".
  1. Austin Gomez, July 18, 2018 at 10:46 a.m.

    Sometimes, this is somewhat UNFAIR to reason/comprehend why the Fall-and-Decline of the World Cup viewers-average, (due to perhpas the TIMES that these World Cup matchs are shown on the local T.V. in the US.A.)!  For example, this 2018-World Cup matches in Russia were originally shown on T.V. to the U.S.A. audience in th Daytime hours, (when most people work and can Not take off from work), or during the Evening Time hours, when most people are home from their work-job and can esily wath these matches!  .............  [Just a Thought]!

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