SA Roundup: Various views on VAR and reffing at the 2018 World Cup

The 21st men's World Cup for the first time used video replay to assistant referees in Russia. Here's a sample of how covered VAR and the officiating at the 2018 World Cup.

By Mike Woitalla (7/18/2018): Why World Cup VAR was sorely needed and how it succeeded

By Paul Gardner (7/21/2018): The VAR Revolution

By Ahmet Guvener (7/30/2018): 99.3 Percent Perfection

By Ridge Mahoney (7/5/2018): Joe Machnik on watching every World Cup game and assessing the performances of referees such as Mark Geiger

By Ahmet Guvener (6/21/2018): The footprints of Collina 


Cobi Jones: "I thought [VAR] was great. It served its purpose. Having a World Cup where there wasn’t one red card for serious foul play or violent conduct is remarkable. That tells me that the addition VAR has had an effect. [Players] know it’s there. The players’ actions can be looked at. The ball could be on the other side of field and if you do something, you can be caught and called out for it. And that has affected the play. That in itself is worthwhile." (Jones Q&A)

Tab Ramos: "There is no question that VAR is a step in the right direction and that it is making the game better. Unfortunately, some obvious mistakes have been made but I think it will get better and better." (Ramos Q&A)

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