UPSL will shift playoff formats in 2019

The United Premier Soccer League, the amateur league that began in 2011 in Southern California and has rapidly expanded to more than 230 teams in 32 states, will play the finals of its spring season with an eight-team knockout format over three days in the Denver area.

But the UPSL, which operates fall and spring seasons, has announced plans to shift its structure from eight to four conferences and regionalize the playoffs, beginning with the 2019 spring championship.

The two teams that will meet in the final will play at the home of the team with the better record. The UPSL will help subsidize the travel of the visiting team with a $5,000 contribution to pay for its expenses. It will also boost the prize money for the champion from $5,000 to $10,000.

"This will allow our league to really focus on building our crowds at our national final," said UPSL commissioner Yan Skwara, "while at the same time creating and promoting a truly special event for sponsors and supporters."
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  1. frank schoon, August 10, 2018 at 9:56 a.m.

    Mike ,that was great! I wish we could do this with other countries that produce soccer talent.  Show more videos of South American/African countries in how Talent is produced in the slums. We might be able to learn something from this, that you perhaps don't need things such as fancy matching color pennies, shinguard, fancy shoes,astro turf fields, great accommodations, lighted fields , money, space,etc, perhaps a lot less of the frivolities would do.
    The video emphasizes the SIMPLICITY of this game which is that you only need a ball, a little space, and a real LOVE for the game . 
    Note what is important here,PICKUP Soccer, Mixed Ages. And I totally forgot this ANGLE which is so important to the overal development of the youth. Like myself, in the street soccer days, we never had color pennies or any other way of distinguishing the two teams. That lack seperating teams by color or anything FORCES the youth to be constantly AWARE, LOOK UP, to see WHERE his teammates are, thus forcing the youth to THINK more, and CONCENTRATE. This was all learned automatically without someone telling you, like a licensed coach...
    Another angle, is that the kids play on lousy fields, unlike our kids who play and learn in such a Sterile and Sanitary environment with great facilities whereby kids can even apply Anti-bacterial hand lotion to wash their hands after practice in case of bacteria on the ball. Playing on lousy fields forces the youth to be more AWARE of how the ball could bounce forcing them to ANTICIPATE more. This aspect is so important in the development of the youth. 
    A soccer Club in Holland AZ'67 makes their youth as part of their development play and practice in cow pastures in order learn to anticipate and to trap the ball under bad conditions. They are going back to how kids learn in the old days for today's kids miss learning certain aspects of the game  in  sterile environments..

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