What They'e Saying: Alexi Lalas

"Rip this band-aid and make it official. But before you do that, this is what you should do. You should spend $7 million and buy a USL expansion team and give it to Columbus.
 Think of it as a parting gift. Think of it as the price for freedom to get out of that lawsuit."

-- Fox Sports analyst Alexi Lalas with his advice for Columbus Crew owner Anthony Precourt, who wants to move the team to Austin, MLS commissioner Don Garber and MLS owners. Lalas said they were giving false hope to Columbus and taking the situation from bad to worse by selling season tickets in Columbus for the 2019 season while introducing a team name -- Austin FC -- and logo in Austin. (FS1 via Streamable)
1 comment about "What They'e Saying: Alexi Lalas".
  1. :: SilverRey ::, August 27, 2018 at 9:13 a.m.

    Thanks Lalas for towing the company line for Garber!! Be careful not to give Don any false hope though - considering MLS is in talks with a Columbus based ownership group to buy the team out-right. Why wasn't that mentioned?

    Keep in mind that Lalas was in charge when they moved SJ to Houston.

    Save The Crew!

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