What They'e Saying: Gianni Infantino

“We have the economic power in the U.S. We have the sports DNA and culture in the country, the competitive effect, the competitiveness of the people. I think all the ingredients are there. There is a lot of great work that has been done in the last years, including with the MLS. Maybe it's time to analyze them. If those who are responsible, they come to the conclusion: ‘No it’s fine as it is,’ O.K. As it is, it’s in the world, maybe No. 20-30, the league, the football movement in general. … It should be one, two, or three.”

-- FIFA president Gianni Infantino on the need for American soccer to consider whether to adopt promotion and relegation and add more competition. He added that U.S. Soccer was "free to decide whatever they want" but he could be "pretty painful when I have something in my mind.” (SI.com)
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