U.S. Open Cup: Former champions open qualifying with shutout victories

Former St. John's winger Adam Himeno scored two goals and added an assist as the New York Pancyprian Freedoms, winners of three titles in the 1980s, opened qualifying play in the 2019 U.S. Open Cup with a 4-0 win at the Lansdowne Bhoys in Yonkers, New York.

The Ukrainian Nationals, winners of four Open Cup championships in the 1960s, won, 2-0, over the United German Hungarians, a rival in the United Soccer League of Pennsylvania.

The Pancyprian Freedoms and Ukrainian Nationals were among 36 first-round winners. Two games were postponed.

Northeast Region
First Round:
Sept. 22 in Roxbury, Mass.

Southie FC (Mass.) 1 GPS Omens (Mass.) 2
Sept. 22 in Cambridge, Mass.
Kendall Wanderers (Mass.) 2 Boston Siege (Mass.) 2
(Kendall Wanderers win 9-8 on penalties.)
Sept. 22 in Somerville, Mass.
Safira FC (Mass.) 3 Mass United FC (Mass.) 1
Sept. 22 in Jackson, N.J.
Jackson Lions (N.J.) 1 Newtown Pride (Conn.) 0
Sept. 22 in Yonkers, N.Y.
Lansdowne Bhoys (N.Y.) 0 New York Pancyprian Freedoms (N.Y.) 4
Sept. 23 in North Wales, Pa.
Ukrainian Nationals (Pa.) 2 United German Hungarians (Pa.) 0
Sept. 23 in Warminster, Pa.
Vereinigung Erzgebirge (Pa.) 1 West Chester Predators (Pa.) 2
Sept. 23 in Malden, Mass.
Boston City FC II (Mass.) 1 Juve-Pro Soccer (Mass.) 0

Mid-Atlantic Region
First Round:
Sept. 22 in Charlottesville, Va.

Tigres FC (Va.) 1 Cville Alliance FC - Reserves (Va.) 3
Sept. 22 in Columbia, Md.
Izee Auto (Md.) 2 World Class Premier Elite (Md.) 4
Sept. 23 in Windsor Mill, Md.
Steel Pulse FC (Md.) 1 Aegean Hawks (Md.) 2
Sept. 23 in Elkridge, Md.
Christos FC (Md.) 4 Rockville SC (Md.) 1
Sept. 23 in Washington, D.C.
DC Cheddar (D.C.) 1 Super Delegates (Md.) 4
Sept. 23 in Manassas, Va.
Centro America FC (Va.) 1 Virginia United (Va.) 2
First Round Bye: Rochester River Dogz (N.Y.), Tartan Devils Oak Avalon (Pa.)

Second Round:
Oct. 21 in Webster, N.Y.

Rochester River Dogz (N.Y.) vs. Tartan Devils Oak Avalon (Pa.)

Southeast Region
First Round:
Sept. 22 in Winter Garden, Fla.

America SC (Fla.) 1 Orlando FC Wolves (Fla.) 0
Sept. 22 in Miami, Fla.
Miami Sun (Fla.) 1 Florida Soccer Soldiers (Fla.) 2
Sept. 23 in Kissimmee; Fla.
Deportivo Lake Mary (Fla.) 1 Sporting Orlando SC (Fla.) 2
Sept. 23 in Columbia, S.C.
Soda City FC Sorinex (S.C.) 5 FC Cardinals (N.C.) 1
Sept. 23 in Miami, Fla.
Red Force FC (Fla.) 2 FC Kendall (Fla.) 1
First Round Bye: Central Florida FC Spartans (Fla.), Hurricane FC (Fla.), Shahin Atlanta FC (Ga.)

Central Region
Sept. 22 in Austin, Texas
Celtic Cowboys Premier (Texas) vs. San Antonio Runners (Texas) (postponed -- bad weather)
Sept. 22 in New Orleans, La.
Motagua New Orleans (La.) 5 Port City FC (Miss.) 2
Sept. 22 in Plano, Texas
Dallas Elite FC (Texas) 4 NTX Rayados (Texas) 4
(NTX Rayados win 4-3 on penalties.)
Sept. 23 in Saline, Mich.
Ann Arbor FC (Mich.) 3 Livonia City FC (Mich.) 4
Sept. 23 in Houston, Texas
Bay Area Oilers (Texas) vs. Leon FC (Texas) (postponed -- bad weather)
First Round Bye: Aurora Borealis Soccer Club (Ill.), FC Maritsa (Mo.), FC Minnesota (Minn.)

Mountain Region
First Round:
Sept. 23 in Denver, Colo.

Indios Denver (Colo.) 0 FC Denver (Colo.) 1
Sept. 23 in Highlands Ranch, Colo.
Colorado Rush (Colo.) 1 Harpos FC (Colo.) 2
Sept. 23 in Commerce City, Colo.
Gam United FC (Colo.) 2 Northern Colorado FC (Colo.) 1
Sept. 23 in Broomfield, Colo.
Colorado Rovers (Colo.) 1 Club El Azul (Colo.) 0
First Round Bye: Boise Cutthroats FC (Idaho), San Juan FC (Utah), Southwest FC (Texas), Sporting AZ FC (Ariz.)

Second Round:
Oct. 21 in Boise, Idaho
Boise Cutthroats FC (Idaho) vs. San Juan FC (Utah)
Oct. 21 in Mesa, Ariz.
Sporting AZ FC (Ariz.) vs. Southwest FC (Texas)

Southern California Region
First Round:
Sept. 22 in Lake Forest, Calif.
L.A. Wolves (Calif.) 0 Santa Ana Winds (Calif.) 4
Sept. 22 in Calabasas, Calif.
Cal FC (Calif.) 3 San Nicolas FC (Calif.) 1
Sept. 22 in Lake Forest, Calif.
CaliGators FC (Calif.) 6 California United FC II (Calif.) 2
Sept. 23 in Lake Forest, Calif.
Lionside FC (Calif.) 2 SC Trojans (Calif.) 0
Sept. 23 in La Palma, Calif.
Buena Park FC (Calif.) 4 Valley United SC (Calif.) 0
Sept. 23 in Bellflower, Calif.
Real Sociedad Royals (Calif.) 4 Quickening (Calif.) 0
Sept. 23 in Long Beach, Calif.
Outbreak FC (Calif.) 2 L.A. South Bay Monsters (Calif.) 1
First Round Bye: Chula Vista FC (Calif.)

West Region
First Round:
Sept. 22 in Turlock, Calif.

Academica SC (Calif.) 4 Davis Legacy SC (Calif.) 1
Sept. 22 in Oakland, Calif.
Oakland FC Leopards (Calif.) 0 Oakland Stompers (Calif.) 1
Sept. 22 in San Ramon, Calif.
San Ramon Dynamos (Calif.) 0 JASA RWC (Calif.) 7
First Round Bye: Contra Costa FC (Calif.), IPS/Marathon Taverna (Ore.), Napa Sporting (Calif.), Nevada Coyotes (Nev.), Real San Jose (Calif.)

Second Round:
Oct. 21 in Portland, Ore.
IPS/Marathon Taverna (Ore.) vs. Nevada Coyotes FC (Nev.)

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