MLS: MLS Playoff Schedule With TV Information

Here's a look at the MLS quarterfinals schedule with TV information as of Oct. 14.
Date Matchup Kickoff (ET) Television
Oct. 16 Chicago at Dallas 5:00 Fox Sports Chicago
Oct. 16 Miami at D.C. United 7:30 NewsChannel 8
Oct. 17 Tampa Bay at Columbus 3:00 espn2
Oct. 17 Colorado at Los Angeles 7:30 TBD
Oct. 22 Columbus at Tampa Bay 7:00 Fox Sports Ohio
Oct. 23 Dallas at Chicago 8:00 TBD
Oct. 24 Los Angeles at Colorado 3:00 ESPN
Oct. 24 D.C. United at Miami 1:00 Univision
Oct. 27 Miami at D.C. United (if nec.) 7:30 ESPN
Oct. 27 Tampa Bay at Columbus (if nec.) 7:30 ESPN*
Oct. 27 Colorado at Los Angeles (if nec.) 10:30 TBD
Oct. 27 Chicago at Dallas (if nec.) 8:30 TBD
*If Miami-D.C. sweeps. If neither sweep, ESPN may broadcast a Game 3 Western Conference match at 9 ET.
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