What They're Saying: Marty Apple

“It’s not a stretch to imagine that he’d be extreme in some manner. You’re spending 20-30 hours with these guys a week, you form a really strong bond with most of these people, but he was not one of them. He was just one where I said I’m not really sure what thinks about the world."

-- Marty Apple, who played for UNC Charlotte in 1983, on teammate Cesar Sayoc, who was arrested on Friday in connection with the explosive packages mailed to prominent Democrats and Trump critics. Sayoc played soccer at Brevard College, then a junior college, and at Charlotte under Bob Warming. Sayoc's van was plastered with political and soccer references. It included a U.S. Soccer logo, banner mentioning "Top Youth Soccer Recruits for Trump" and testimonial to Brevard and former national soccer champions from North Carolina (which included Clemson, which is across the border in South Carolina). (SI.com)
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