What They're Saying: Tab Ramos

"Every process has been extremely difficult. Every process we were on the verge of elimination at some point. And so I expect this to be exactly the same. If I were to start looking into the second round now, it would certainly be a formula for not being in the second round."

-- Head coach Tab Ramos, who begins his fourth Under-20 World Cup qualifying tournament with the USA on Thursday against Puerto Rico. He will be without many of his first-line players for a marathon tournament Concacaf has devised to expand competitive opportunities for all its members. (USSoccer.com)
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  1. R2 Dad, November 1, 2018 at 12:04 p.m.

    This is SO CONCACAF. "Let's see, how do we handicap the tournament to enable small teams to advance? It's in Florida, so we can't use our usual crappy fields. We can use our standard lenient CONCACAF officials--it's not like anyone is going to die--but that's not going to be enough. Let's schedule it on short notice in the fall, when European leagues won't release their young players. And what if we cram 5 matches in 9 days? Then EVERYONE has the opportunity to be injured through overuse and lack of rest! That's brilliant!"

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