Landon Donovan and Alex Morgan among 10 voted on U.S. Soccer's Athletes' Council

Landon Donovan and Alex Morgan, two of the most visible national team players of their generation, were among 10 athletes voted on U.S. Soccer's Athletes' Council in the recently completed election. They will begin four-year terms in February 2019.

2018 Election winners:
Women's National Team
-- Yael Averbuch
-- Ali Krieger
-- Alex Morgan
-- Becky Sauerbrunn
-- Lindsay Tarpley
Men's National Team
-- Carlos Bocanegra
-- Landon Donovan
-- Chris Ahrens
-- Kevin Hensley
-- Nick Perera

Re-elected were Chris Ahrens, the current Athletes' Council chairperson, and Carlos Bocanegra, the current co-chairperson. Both are members of U.S. Soccer's board of directors. Also selected in voting were two other current members of the Athletes' Council, Lindsay Tarpley and Nick Perera. Cindy Cone was re-elected as an advisor, a non-voting position.

In the February presidential election, the support en bloc from the Athletes' Council swung the election in Carlos Cordeiro's favor. The Athlete Council consists of 20 athletes who control 20 percent of the federation vote. They are nominated and elected by their peers, and their eligibility is based on participation on national teams.

The members of the Athletes' Council elect three members to serve on the board of directors and serve as delegates to the annual National Council Meeting.

Other new members are Becky Sauerbrunn, who starts on the U.S. women's national team, Yael Averbuch, who has 23 caps for the USA and is the current president of the NWSL Players Association, Ali Krieger, who has 98 caps for the USA, and Kevin Hensley, U.S. Soccer's 2015 Disabled Player of the Year.

Other candidates were Meghan Klingenberg, Sam Mewis, Alyssa Naeher, McCall Zerboni, Jason Leopoldo and Sean Boyle.

2 comments about "Landon Donovan and Alex Morgan among 10 voted on U.S. Soccer's Athletes' Council".
  1. Wallace Wade, November 20, 2018 at 8:37 a.m.

    They swung the election in Cordeiro’s favor and shifted the sport into reverse. The fact these former players supported a banker with almost zero soccer knowledge or pedigree tells you all you need to know.They turned their back on young soccer players in this country for $ and favors. Hey, but they got theirs so....

  2. frank schoon replied, November 20, 2018 at 4:54 p.m.

    Ditto, you stole my thunder....That this crew didn't have enough brains/rationale to figure this out.........

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