Guillermo Barros Schelotto brings 'something extra' to LA Galaxy

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New LA Galaxy head coach Guillermo Barros Schelotto, who guided Boca Juniors to back-to-back league titles in Argentina and second place in the 2018 Copa Libertadores, is no stranger to MLS.

He starred on the Columbus Crew's only championship team -- the runaway winner of the Supporters' Cup and MLS Cup winner in 2008 -- and followed MLS in recent years.

“I know what you’re talking about when we talk about soccer in the United States," he said. "I think that the league is growing, I think that players are getting better and better."

Barros Schelotto says he watched a lot of Galaxy games in 2018, so he knows what needs it has, even if he doesn't know how to address them, leaving it up to Galaxy president Chris Klein and new GM Dennis te Kloese (photo) to explain to him the league's complex roster-building rules.

“I like the offensive style of soccer," the Argentine said at his introduction on Thursday.
"We need to work on the field during the week to get that. I think we have good players on offense. They are really good like [Ola] Kamara, [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic, [Romain] Alessandrini, so I think we need to work to get that. It’s not easy, it’s not simple, but we need to work.”

It should be immediately noted that one player Barros Schelotto did not mention was Giovani dos Santos, considered the most under-performing of and odd man out among the four Designated Players the Galaxy has contracted since Ibrahimovic was re-signed with a DP upgrade. He deflected attention to the dos Santos brothers -- Jonathan and Gio -- when asked about their contributions.

“I don’t think that we depend only on two or three players," he said. "To build what we want, for the Galaxy to have a style of play, and to win, which are the two things that matter most in soccer. We are thinking about working as a team, more than the individuals and their importance. We will see each player’s level throughout the year, but the most important thing is to achieve an attacking and attractive style of play, and win.”

Barros Schelotto would not say that players he wanted to bring in from South America.

“We only have until the league starts to see what changes we can make regarding the players or not," he said. "We will be determining what we need as we start training and we see what level we are at.”

Te Kloese says one thing that made Barros Schelotto attractive was his work a turn-around specialist.

“First of all, as a player, obviously he’s proven to be able to win with a very accomplished career," he said. "And, as a coach both in Lanus and in Boca Juniors. He came into both teams in situations where there was a lot of need for organization, a lot of need for structure, and a lot of need for quality decisions, and I think in the position that we’re at, we can obviously take great advantage of his knowledge, and the ability to get teams and clubs organized in a way that his style of playing and his way of thinking about soccer is something that fits us."

And te Kloese added that Barros Schelotto was not afraid to use young players.

"I think he comes from a culture similar as to where I come from, where you play when you’re good enough and not based on age or anything else," he said. "I think with the knowledge he has of MLS, being a very high profile here for several years, I think that gives something extra and that will make the adaption also a little bit more easy.”

3 comments about "Guillermo Barros Schelotto brings 'something extra' to LA Galaxy".
  1. Ric Fonseca, January 4, 2019 at 1:31 p.m.

    Ok, so the Carson Galaxy has joined the importation of Argentine players, coaches/managers, etc. but seem LOATHE to look for local talent, is this what I am reading, this and previous articles?  Wow!!!  And all this with the blessing of the MLS "Gurus" and owners.  So now 'tis back to the old, same-old,same-old of Catch 22 for players, administrators/managers/coaches, sorry we can't find any here above the border or in the astern seaboard, i.e. sorry bud, you don't have ample experience to sign with our team, - "but senor, give me a chance to expand and grow my existing experience....please?"  Bottom line apparently MLS - vis-a-vis Garber's state of the MLS, read this financially, has lot's of bucks to bring in Latinbos from the far southern reaches of Patagonia and neighboring areas, instread of those from accross the pond....Mindboggling, indeed!

  2. Wooden Ships, January 4, 2019 at 2:35 p.m.

    I don’t have a strong allegiance to any MLS team, except the Rapids, who did a major solid for one of my former players that was paralyzed and underwent treatment at the Craig Hospital. I do enjoy seeing the teams getting better and expanding. I like the hire and will see how it goes. He has a strong pedigree and preference of play. 

  3. Craig Cummings, January 4, 2019 at 9:13 p.m.

    As a Galaxy fan, I would have liked bruce back. He was a great coach in LA. Oh sorry carson, where I played my college soccer. CSUDH. I remember going on those long runs  thru the dirt hills where the Galaxy now play. Times have changed. There is also a new GOODYEAR blimp. We used to  see it  take off and land  every day during training.

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