What They're Saying: Jake Edwards

“The sport is evolving, the sport is changing. What is considered normal now might not be correct in a couple of seasons’ time. How we’re approaching that, and I get asked the question all the time, is the launch of our second league, League One. A lot of focus and attention needs to go into building that league up over a short period of time. But we’ve got to get the right owners in League One, the right stadiums and infrastructure. We’ve got to make sure the quality on the field is at a good standard. You have to create parity as much as you can between the two divisions. Of course, the Championship will be different from League One in many respects, but it can’t be obscenely different.”

-- USL president Jake Edwards on what he describes as a "realistic possibility" of promotion and relegation between the Championship and League One, which between them will have 46 teams in 2019, up from 12 teams that finished USL PRO's first season in 2011. (SI.com)
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