What They're Saying: David Mearns

"I just felt that girl needed help and that's why I offered my assistance. I am a football fan. Cardiff is not my city, but I follow football. I felt very badly for her, I wanted to help. I just happen to be a person with this experience and skill and I could do that. To add to it, this was a man in the prime of his life. It is just so tremendously sad."

-- Marine scientist David Mearns, who led a privately funded search for the small aircraft carrying Argentine star Emiliano Sala from France to Wales that crashed in the English Channel after Sala had been transferred from Nantes to Cardiff City. Mearns, whose expedition found the plane at the bottom of the English Channel, said he was compelled to search for the plane after seeing an emotional plea by Sala's sister, Romina. (BBC Radio 4 Today)
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